Alumni Stadium Harrington Elementary School Orchard Gardens School

Joanne Benton,
Superintendent of Schools
Lexington, MA
The first project in a town-wide, six-school renovation/replacement plan for the Lexington Public School system, the new Harrington Elementary School will be built on property immediately adjacent to the existing Harrington Elementary School. It is anticipated that the existing school will be kept open as an elementary school not only during the construction of the new school adjacent to it, but during the extended course of renovations or replacements for the entire town-wide program, meaning that the two schools will share certain recreational facilities and access routes for between six and ten years. They must also operate at staggered hours so as to avoid clogging local streets and the site's roadway infrastructure at the beginning and end of each school day. When the renovation program is complete, the existing school will revert to a non-educational town use.Working out pedestrian and vehicular circulation routes that avoid conflict, while at the same time keeping paved areas to a minimum despite the drop-off, service, and emergency vehicle access route requirements for two schools on one site exceeded the usual challenges of public school site planning. The new school will have separate car and bus drop-off and pickup lanes flanking a south-facing main entrance to the building. Service was designed for the rear of the building in such a manner that physical education classes exiting the building for the playfields need not cross the service drive.
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