City Square, Charlestown Liberty Square Park Copley Place Exterior

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Sargent Collier
Boston, MA
Liberty Square was nothing but a large expanse of open asphalt until a development firm whose offices faced the park decided to build a small park in the center of the open space and agreed to maintain it in perpetuity for the City. Working with a number of city agencies to address a myriad of utilities criss-crossing beneath the surface, the park- tiny as it was- took six years to design, get approved, and build. The Boston Arts Commission introduced the developers to a local advocacy group who were searching for a home for a monumental sculpture, and a marriage was born. The centerpiece of the park is a monument to the Hungarian freedom fighters who opposed the Soviets in 1956 in a conflict in which they were hopelessly outnumbered. All hardscape surfaces are brick and/or granite: paving, piers, and planter walls. Plantings are a core of massed yew shrubs surrounded by periwinkle ground cover and pockets of annuals.
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